Love in Idleness

Hand embroidery inspired by the nature of the British isles, from the rarest orchid to the clover growing in my back garden.

My name is Victoria Matthewson and I am a self taught embroidery artist. I moved to Monmouthshire in 2005 and live in a small village with my husband and two girls. Inspired by the surrounding wildlife I base my designs on photographs I have taken and then embroider each piece in miniature using fine floss silk thread.

The technique I use is a combination of needle painting and my own freestyle. Each design takes many painstaking hours to complete using the smallest needles and a magnifying lamp to help with the tiny stitches.

My work includes framed art and embroidered jewellery.

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Love in Idleness

Owner/Manager: Victoria Matthewson

12 Heronston Close, Undy Caldicot Monmouthshire NP26 3PD United Kingdom
phone: 07986 434728 fax:

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