Marianne Seabright

An artist comfortable using a variety of mediums

Marianne is an artist based in Monmouth. She has a degree in Drawing and Applied Arts from the University of the West of England. Since graduating, Marianne has continued to develop her artistic style and experiment with different mediums, including oil paint, water colour, graphite and charcoal.

Marianne would describe her practice as being process driven; meaning the subject matter dictates the chosen media. She enjoys moving between drawing and painting, allowing one to inform the other.

Marianne concentrates on people and animals within an environment or space. She is interested by light and how it affects the subject's form. Within her painting, she strives towards creating interesting colour relationships, which describe the mood and atmosphere of the environment.

Memory is a consistent theme running through her work. She explores this concept by reducing detail and only using the bare minimum required to describe the subject. Often the finished piece has some areas empty, leaving the observer wondering what might be missing and possibly imaginatively filling the gaps and adding their own detail.

In addition to this, she is interested by the theory of the conscious and unconscious mind, particularly during the creative process. Consequently, when working, Marianne considers the relationship between the texture of the surface, and the illusion of depth in the piece.

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Marianne Seabright

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