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Kid Me Not was established in 2005 by Loraine Makowski-Heaton in partnership with her husband, Mike Makowski and her parents June and Sid Heaton.

A love of goats and a desire to give people who are intolerant to cows milk a "treat" was the inspiration behind the formation of the innovative confectionary company, Kid Me Not. With children suffering from Eczema and Asthma goats milk can be a real alternative for them. Many people are moving away from a cows milk diet for many different dietary reasons like IBS and Crones Disease or also for religious reasons. Kid Me Not specialises in goats milk products primarily confectionary but also has cheese, milk and yoghurt products available

The beneficial health qualities of goat’s milk have the support of recognised medical expert Dr A Frew, Reader of Medicine and an acknowledged expert in allergy and respiratory medicine at Southampton University endorses goat’s milk products in the following statements:

“Many people experience considerable improvements in conditions such as asthma, eczema and digestive problems when they replace cow’s milk in their diets with goat’s milk”

Our Food Products:

- Fudge; Ranging in all taste varities, traditional to original blends

- Smoothies; Garden Fruit - Rhubarb, Plum and AppleFruits of the Forest - Blackberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant and Redcurrant

- Cheese; Mild Goats Cheese, Talley Mountain Goats Cheese, Mature Goats Cheese

- Chocolate; Our very own goats milk chocolate. Made with much love and care here on the farm from Cocoa Liqueur and Cocoa Butter. A real artisan product.

We do not use colours or artificial additives in our products and do not cook with nuts, although we cannot guarantee that some of our ingredients i.e. raisins and some chocolate may have come in contact with nuts on another premises.

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Kid Me Not

Owner/Manager: Loraine Makowsi Heaton

Talley Llandeilo Carmarthenshire SA19 7BZ United Kingdom
phone: 01558 685935 fax:

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