Penlon Cottage Brewery

Traditional brewing with a fresh vision..

Penlon Cottage Brewery is a small company that brew and sell handmade ale, stout and lager. The company which has been in operation for 3 years strive to make wholesome beverages, both traditional and original varieties.

The brewery only use natural ingriedients and are completely free of any chemical preservatives, with the majority of what goes into making the drinks being homegrown. With the company having the main intention of becoming self sufficient in regards to all elements that go into their products i.e. hops, barley etc.

Penlon Cottage are proud to say that they are the only brewery to achieve a Gold in the 'True Taste of Wales Awards'.Their ales have also achieved a number of True Taste Bronze and Highly Commendeds.

Here's a list of all their alcholic beverages:

Twin Ram India Pale Ale -
Twin Ram India Pale Ale 4.6% abv.True Taste Judges Commendation. A pale amber colour ale with a clear mix of malt and hops in the nose.

Ramnesia Strong Ale-
Ramnesia Strong Ale 5.6% abv. True Taste Bronze Award. A dark ruby colour ale thick with a malty nose and satisfying bitter hop finish. An ale to savour at your own pace.

Ewes Frolic Lager-
Ewes Frolic Lager 5.2% abv A clear golden lager with an amber malt hue. Light, smooth and sparkling with a full continental saaz flavour finish.

Stock Ram Stout-
Stock Ram Stout 4.5% abv Roasted barley nose with a slightly bitter flavour. Dry roasted bitter finish with traces of coffee.

Chocolate Stout-
Chocolate Stout 4.5% abv True Taste Judges Commendation. A solid milky stout with real chocolate giving a lovely dark chocolate finish.

Heather Honey Ale-
Heather Honey Ale 4.2% abv A light golden ale brewed with real heather honey. Slightly sweet aroma with the full flavour of heather honey coming through.

Lambs Gold Light Ale-
Lambs Gold Light Ale 3.2% abv True Taste Gold Award. Light on alcohol. Malty taste with undertones of hops and light notes of orange and citrus.

Tipsy Tup Plae Ale-
Tipsy Tup Pale Ale 3.8% abv Light bodied with a herbal, spicy, hoppy finish and sweetish fruity touch. A drinkable friendly ale.

Torwen Black Mountain (NEW) -
Torwen Black Mountain 4.5% abv A dark style single variety ale. Which contains the taste of a seasonal fruit, squeezed from local fruit.

Torddu (NEW) -
Torddu 4.2% abv A pale golden single variety ale. Which contains the taste of a seasonal fruit, squeezed from local fruit.

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Penlon Cottage Brewery


Penlon farm, Pencae Llanrath Ceredigion SA47 0QN United Kingdom
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