Monmouthshire Stone

Maria makes tea-light and candle holders out of stone from her family's own Monmouthshire quarry (delph).

Maria makes tea-light and candle holders out of stone from her family’s own Monmouthshire quarry (delph), that was redundant until recently. Maria and her husband had the delph reinstated to supply stone for building and it now produces excellent quality ‘Devonian Old Red Sandstone’ which has beautiful colour variations ranging from greeny/grey to a purple tinge.

The natural beauty of the extracted stones with varying shapes, colours and textures inspired Maria to create something that could be a feature in the home or garden, allowing the beauty of the stone to be appreciated. She makes a range of tea-light and candle holders of differing sizes, each designed sympathetically to complement the natural attributes of the stone. Her citronella tea-lights are particularly popular as an insect repellent, with the added advantage that the stone holder is totally weather-proof.

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Monmouthshire Stone

Owner/Manager: Maria Bayliss

Cross Ash Abergavenny Monmouthshire NP7 8PF United Kingdom
phone: 01873 821318 fax:

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