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Our own farm Welsh Pedigree Black Beef matured on the bone for 28 days in the time-honoured traditional way, to improve flavour and texture.

Our Pedigree Defaid Llyn lamb provides you with a natural, versatile, tender, low fat ratio, succulent product with the distinct flavour of Wales.

Cig Moch Pen Llyn (Llyn Peninsula Bacon) is cured using the old-
fashioned ‘dry salt’ method. Unsurpassed for quality and value.

Our smoked bacon is produced by the traditional process using own smokehouse fired with local Welsh oak. Our bacons are distributed throughout Wales.

Glasfryn Estate game, which includes pheasant, duck, pigeon and rabbit is wild, reared as nature intended without artificial agents to boost growth or bulk.


Siop Fferm Glasfryn was established in 2001 to sell the farm’s beef, lamb and game, and Llyn pork and bacon direct to our local customers.

We pride ourselves on also selling quality local and Welsh produce including traditional homemade meals, made in Wales using the finest ingredients.


The Glasfryn Farm Shop was established in 2001 to sell the estate’s beef, lamb and game, and Llŷn pork and bacon direct to our local customers.

We pride ourselves on also selling quality local and Welsh produce including traditional homemade meals using the finest ingredients.

Located in the heart of the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales we source as much as possible from local farmers, producers and suppliers.
As well as offering a wide selection of the finest local and continental meats, fresh vegetables, continental produce, delicious dairy products and specialty cheeses, we also sell homemade cakes, hand selected jams and preserves made exclusively for Glasfryn Farm Shop, self serve scoops of quick-frozen fruit and veg, luxury hand-made chocolates and biscuits and tangy sauces and salsas.

Glasfryn Farm is one of the oldest estates in Pen Llŷn. The farm is situated in the shadows of the distinctive, Arthurian Eifl mountain range, overlooking the stunning coastline of Bae Ceredigion.


Our Welsh Black Beef comes from cattle raised on the lush, natural pastures of our own farm.

The tender beef is slightly marbled with white fat and has herbal undertones. The meat is matured (hung) on the bone for a minimum of 28 days in the time-honoured traditional way, to improve flavour and texture.

Wales' own indigenous hardy beef breed. Many chefs now consider Welsh Black beef as equal to the more famous Angus beef.

Welsh Black beef is among the finest in the world, used by top chefs and restaurants across the UK.

Did you know?
At a special 'blind' tasting of fillet steak by 12 top London chefs, the Welsh Black entry, beat off competition from some of the world's most famous beef breeds, including the Chalosse, Salers, Limousin, Charolais, Simmenthal, and Aberdeen Angus. The expert judges declaring the Welsh Black beef to be the best.

Our Defaid Llŷn lambs thrive on the natural grassland available all year round, in one of the most unspoilt environments in the World.

These hardy breeds are raised on fresh mountain grasses and luscious green lowland meadows, which give the meat its own distinctive flavour.

Natural variations in climate and vegetation contribute to the special flavour and consistently high quality of our lamb, born and raised in Wales under the management of our expert flock masters.

Our Lamb provides you with a natural, versatile, tender, succulent product with the distinct flavour of Wales.

Defiad Llŷn
The indigenous pure breed Defaid Llŷn (Llŷn Sheep) originate from the Llŷn peninsula in Wales and until recently were a relatively unfamiliar breed of sheep in the UK.

Farmers soon find that the Llŷn ewe is an ideal sheep, quiet in nature, prolific, has great maternal instincts, is milky, and will not eat you out of house and home, The Llŷn fits in to many situations and its versatility suits both lowland and upland grazing.

Cig Moch Pen Llŷn (Llŷn Peninsula Bacon) is unsurpassed for quality and value. The bacon is cured using the old-fashioned ‘dry salt’ method, whereby we rub the sides of the pork with a cure dry salt mix, which draws moisture from the meat. This method ensures that no moisture will be released from the bacon when cooking ensuring that it loses no weight or flavour.

Our smoked bacon is produce by the traditional process, instead of painting or spraying with liquid smoke extract, we use a smokehouse fired with Welsh oak.

Did you know?
By dry curing our bacon we reduce its weight by 10% meaning we get a pound of bacon from 18oz of meat, but loses no weight during cooking. Larger commercial curers inject a liquid cure into their bacon, which actually increase the weight of the meat by between 10% and 45%, this means that a pound of their bacon will only contain 11oz of meat and will of course lose a lot of its weight when cooking. What appears cheap at the time of purchase will prove to be more expensive by the time it reaches the table.


Our game is not farmed produce - it is wild, reared as nature intended without artificial agents to boost growth or bulk.
Highly nutritious, easy to cook and rich in flavour, our wild game birds and rabbit bring the traditional taste of the countryside direct to your table.

Have you considered how far your food has travelled?

The last few years have seen increasing dissatisfaction with food quality, safety, increasing prices, the lack of consumer choice and an alarming inequality in food distribution. Consumers have begun to question the way in which their food is produced and why it is being transported unnecessary miles.

Extended travelling not only causes unnecessary suffering to the animals, but this in turn affects the quality of the meat. Increased food miles can also add to the environmental problems caused by transport pollution.

Glasfryn Farm Shop can guarantee that its meat will not have travelled more than 80 miles, and that the game does not leave the estate at all.

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