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The Glamorgan Heritage Coast with their awe-inspiring views and dramatic rugged cliffs, secluded coves give way to a dramatic change of scenery that welcomes you to the wind blown sanddunes of Merthyr Mawr. Then it is onward to Porthcawl and its Blue flag beach at Trecco and Rest Bay on the South Wales Golden Coast.

The complete coast is full with fables and legends, devious smugglers, tragic wrecks, lonely and wild shorelines, manor houses and castles that were constructed by successive conquerors are the inheritance left for todays visitors. Awesome “Norman” castles and a rich heritage of attractions along with small villages, charming towns, and miles of country lanes and foot-paths make it a wonderful base from which to explore this exciting region of Wales.

The relatively flat coastal strip and hinterland is ideal for cyclists and walkers . Keen surfers and other water sports aficionados will find the coast provides excellent facilities all year at Porthcawl, but chat to the locals and they may reveal some of the more hush-hush surf spots.

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