Caffi Fron Goch

Telephone :
01286 672212

Email :

Opening times : LLUN MONDAY 9.30am - 5.00pm -
Address : Caernarfon, Gwynedd

Caffi Fron Goch

yn syml, bwyd da
Caffi â dros 100 sedd gyda ardal teras, yn defnyddio cynnyrch lleol ffres o ansawdd.

simply good food
Caffi Fron Goch is a 100+ seated cafè with terraced area and prides itself on using quality fresh local produce.
BRECWAST / BREAKFAST tan / til 11:00am

Bacon Sandwich / Toastie £2.50
Bacon & Egg Sandwich / Toastie £3.00
Cooked Breakfast £3.95
2 rashers of bacon, fried egg, cooked cherry tomatoes, Heinz Baked Beans, 2 slices of toast

Filter Coffee - coffi arferol masnach deg fair trade regular coffee Regular £1.25 Mug/Large £1.40
Latte - epresso hefo llefrith poeth espresso with hot milk £1.65 Large £1.95
Vanilla Latte £2.00 Large £2.35
Americano - coffi cryf du strong black coffee £1.65 Double shot £1.95
Cappuccino - espresso hefo llefrith wedi chwipio espresso with frothed milk £1.65 Large £1.95
Mocha - siocled poeth hefo espresso hot chocolate with espresso £1.80 Large £1.95
Espresso - byr a cryf short and strong £1.25
Decaffinated versions of the above also available / Mae coffi heb gaffine ar gael o’r uchod
Tea - te ‘premium blend’ pot i un premium blend pot for one: £1.35
Tea Varities - Fruit teas / Peppermint / Green Tea / Darjeeling / Decaffinated / Earl Grey £1.45
Hot Chocolate Siocled Poeth £1.95 hefo hufen ar ei ben with cream on top £2.15
Selection of refrigerated cold drinks, please help yourself

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