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I started exploring weaving in 1978, this developed and I had two successful shows in central London in 1981 and 1983 (under the name of Kate Isted). An unexpected break of several years followed.

Moving from London to St Clears, South West Wales in 2006 and in 2007 to the lovely village of Brechfa, Carmarthenshire, inspired me to start weaving again resulting in a completely new style reflecting the influence of my new surroundings.

I have hundreds of photos on my computer and find it difficult to decide what to weave, but I seem always to choose seascapes, but now I get the map out and find out which direction the scene is facing to get the light and shadow right and use photos of local plants to put in the tapestry.

I do hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy weaving

All of the works are individual and unique. Most recently inspired from scenes of my life in Wales. Previously my works were stimulated by urban scenes and possessed an abstract aspect, more reflective of my then lifestyle in Crystal Palace, London. Several photographs are taken of each scene, I usually work from a printed image and draw on the warp as a guide, I occasionally work from a drawing.

The tapestries are hand woven mostly using 3 ply Axminster rug yarn, however I have been experimenting with dying wool to obtain the subtle shades required for skies and landscapes. I use strong cotton twine for the warp.

The weaving process fascinates me and once started I find it difficult to stop. The pleasure of choosing colours and seeing the way they blend together is immensely rewarding.

The larger tapestries can take between 150 to 200 hours to make. All tapestries are freely hanging from a baton screwed to the wall, a traditional way to display a tapestry.

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Kate Luder Tapestries

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