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Towy Vale Hamstery is the Prefix under which we (Christine and Peter Logsdail) show our Hamsters. We do this as a hobby although it does take up most if not all our spare time..

It all started one day when our daughter bought a hamster. One week later we had mum and seven babies. That was back in 1985 and we now keep around 50 adult hamsters plus babies

We started to show in November 1985 and slowly got involved in the running of the club and later the running of the National Hamster Council. Pete is now Treasurer of the National Hamster Council but has been Chairman, Secretary and PRO. Christine is presently the Editor of the monthly Journal issued by the National Hamster Council.

We attend shows all over England and Wales, put on displays and also give talks to local groups. As we are in a tourist area and our Hamstery is easily accessible we do allow members of the public to have a look around. ADMISSION IS FREE .

We are open whenever one of the family is available to show you around. This is a chance to see some of the colours and coat types not normally seen in Pet Shops. You may also be lucky and see baby hamsters. If you are making a special journey please telephone before hand to save disappointment.

In January 2002 a book writen by us and our local vet, Kate Hovers BVSc, MR, was published. It is called Hamsterlopaedia, publishished by Ringpress Books (ISBN 1 86054 246 8).

It is 174 pages of information on hamsters including the history, Choosing and caring, breeding, showing, A - Z of hamster diseases and the anatomy and physiology of hamsters. We spent many months researching and writing this book with help from many of our friends in the Fancy.


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Towy Vale Hamstery
25 High Street Llandovery Carmarthenshire SA20 0PU Wales
phone: 01550 720127 fax:

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